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Why My Furnace Is blowing Cold Air?

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Furnaces are a vital element of every home, particularly in colder temperatures. They heat air and then circulate it through the house, ensuring everyone remains warm. Dealing with a sudden breakdown of your system is never fun, so it is better to be prepared for the winter season to avoid this. For quality furnace replacement in San Jose contact Malibu Heating Air Conditioning

Reasons a Furnace Blows Cold Air

If you’re having trouble maintaining your home’s pleasant temperature or are finding cold air coming out of your furnace every time you turn on the heating – read below for possible reasons.

Check Your Thermostat's Settings

Ensure that you have set the thermostat to the proper setting. If it’s turned ON, the furnace will continue running if it isn’t making the heat. The air flowing through the vents appears cool, as it’s room temperature.

Change the temperature of your furnace to AUTO, and your fan can be running only when the furnace heats it, and you won’t be getting cold or even room temperature air.

Change the Air Filter

An unclean air filter could result in your furnace becoming overheated. It stops the airflow coming into and out of your furnace, which can lead to this issue. Our furnace replacement experts in San Jose advise that if the furnace does get too hot, it will turn off the burners and cause the fan to push cool air throughout the home against heated air.

Check the Pilot Light

The furnace could produce cold temperatures as the pilot light is out. This is a simple fix; relight your pilot. After you have relighted it several times and nothing improves, contact professionals to examine the issue. This indicates an even bigger issue. For quality furnace repair in Palo Alto contact Malibu Heating Air Conditioning.

Reboot Your System

If you own a modern furnace, chances are your system requires a reset. Shut the furnace off for 30 seconds and turn it on; it might reset itself and begin working properly. If it does not function as it should after you restart it, contact an HVAC specialist to determine the cause and fix the problem quickly.

Accumulated Water in the Air Handler

HVAC systems typically produce large amounts of humidity and condensation. An outlet must be connected to the furnace to eliminate the excess humidity. If there’s a blockage, it’s possible that the switch to kill overflow will stop the system to prevent water damage, and the furnace will be forced to blast cold air.

If you notice that water is accumulating close to the base, condensate drain lines must be cleaned. After you’ve cleaned them and verified that the drainage is in order, Reset your furnace by switching on and off. Back on, and you’ll be able to get hot air in no time.

Examine Your Ductwork

The more ductwork you have, the more likely it will become damaged or leaky. Experts recommend that leaks cost hundreds of dollars yearly to your monthly energy costs. It is important to examine the ductwork on your own; however, it’s possible that you will not be able to see the rips or tears that cause your leak.

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