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Monterey, CA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Monterey, CA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Malibu Heating and Air provides installations, service, and maintenance of all HVAC equipment for residential and commercial, as well as system design and custom sheet metal in Monterey, CA and surrounding areas.

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When choosing an HVAC company, there are certain criteria you should look out for. The company should charge you reasonably for their services and their service quality should be up to mark. Moreover, they should possess valid documents and certificates to provide HVAC services. You should be able to trust the HVAC experts who will meet these criteria.

Heating And Air Conditioning.

If you choose two companies for heating and cooling services, you will have to maintain records for them separately. However, if you choose a reputed company that provides both heating and air conditioning services in the Monterey, CA area, with equal skills and dedication, you can save yourself time and money.

Furnace Repair.

Furnaces are one of the most used appliances in the winter season. They are the best HVAC appliance for warming your home comfortably within a fixed time. However, due to extensive usage and continuous working, a furnace may face problems. Furnace owners should contact a reputed technician for furnace repair in Palo Alto if they notice any of the following:

  • Dirty air filters, thermostat not working, and hot and cold pockets.
  • Inefficient heating, loud noises, and foul smells.
  • Poor indoor air quality, unbalanced humidity levels, and water leakages.
  • Short cycling, temporary breakdowns, and visible damage to the system.

Furnace Replacement.

Many furnace owners are unsure when they should replace their current furnaces. There are signs that indicate you need to contact a technician for furnace replacement in San Jose:

  • Your furnace has crossed its expected lifespan of fifteen years.
  • It requires numerous repair jobs each month. The money spent on its repair jobs is more than half the price of a new furnace.
  • Your energy bills are always high when you use your furnace, even though you scheduled its annual servicing.
  • Your furnace has lost its efficiency even after numerous repair jobs and tune-ups.

Air Conditioning Repair

Regular maintenance and tune-ups can help you know when to contact a technician for air conditioning repair services in San Jose. These are some of the signs that indicate you need to call a technician.

  • Your system does not turn on after a few months.
  • Cool air does not come out from the vents.
  • Hot air leaves the vents.
  • The filters get dirty too often.


If you are looking for a trustworthy company for all HVAC services, contact the Malibu Heating & Air technicians. Our professionals know how to use the latest tools for the best and most long-term solutions. Contact us to find out how our technicians and professionals can help you with any issue related to your furnace repair in San Jose.

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