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When Is The Right Time To Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

How frequently do you maintain your air conditioner? Though every air conditioner manufacturing company suggests the homeowners go for at least one annual maintenance. But your air conditioner might need more than just one. The frequency of scheduling an air conditioning maintenance service depends upon your usage, the region you stay in, and many other factors. Thus, professional maintenance for just once in a year might be insufficient for you. If you want to know the right time for preventive maintenance that protects you from pricey AC repair in San Jose, here are a few symptoms that can help you.

Your AC Is Making Noise 

Your air conditioner must not produce any sound along with generating cold air. AC one of the quietest device you can ever have inside your home. But if your air conditioner is making strange and ear-piercing noises, you might need to ask an HVAC technician to inspect and AC repair.

Your AC Is Not Cooling 

Your air conditioner is nothing but is showpiece if it is not cooling your home as per your requirement? Regular maintenance of your air conditioner can help the system to be in its best shape. But if you have missed maintaining your AC beforehand, and it has stopped circulating cold air, you may schedule an AC repair right away.

You Can Smell Foul Odors 

There can be many reasons behind an air conditioner, which is smelling foul. Sometimes those reasons can be as dangerous as burnt electrical insulation inside or outside your AC. As soon as you can experience any smell, you must call an HVAC expert to inspect and find out the root cause behind that. They can fix any problem with professional AC repair in Palo Alto, CA services and bring it back to normal again.

What Are the Benefits of An AC Maintenance? 

During AC maintenance, the HVAC technician will tighten all the components, including the screws and bolts in your air conditioner. They clean every part of the AC thoroughly and ensure the air conditioner Is not having any faulty parts.

So, with all these tasks put together an AC maintenance may benefit you with:

  • Longer Life Span: A professionally maintained air conditioner runs efficiently till its maximum life expectancy and even beyond that. That’s why if you want to get the best return of investment from your air conditioner, you must maintain it frequently.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: There is no doubt that your air conditioner consumes four times more energy than other electronic devices like the fridge, microwave, or washers. But you can control the energy usage to exceed what’s obvious by maintaining it professionally. Spending on maintenance saves on your energy bills.
  • Reduced AC Repair in San Jose: If you don’t like to spend much on maintaining your air conditioner, you definitely have to pay for its repair. A well-maintained AC requires lesser and cost-effective repair works to run efficiently.

Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning offers top-notch AC repair in Gilroy, CA. We have a team of passionate HVAC technicians who are in the field for more than 10 years. We are equipped with all primary tools and tactics to handle any problem with your AC. Talk to our HVAC technician to know more about our services or to schedule one.

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