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Top 6 Signs Your Furnace Needs a Replacement

The winter season has arrived, and you will want to make sure that your furnace is working perfectly. As every homeowner living in San Jose understands, repairing a broken furnace is not always the most option, especially if your furnace is older. But how do you know when it is the right time to stop repairing your furnace and invest in a new furnace replacement San Jose?

Here are 6 signs to look out for when it is time to replace your furnace:

What is the age of your furnace? 

Today’s average life expectancy of a furnace in a home is between 16 to 20 years. So, if your furnace is getting on in years, one should think about replacing it with a new one. If you do not want to discover that your furnace has stopped working until it’s freezing outside. Also, If your furnace still has a pilot light, it is easy to recognize whether it is too old and needs a replacement instead of furnace repair in San Jose.

How much do your gas and electric bills cost? 

An older furnace means to have high winter bills due to a lack of efficiency caused by improper maintenance. Newer furnaces are approximately 96% efficient, which ends up paying for itself. On the other hand, older furnaces are only 60% efficient.

Does your blower turn on and off constantly? 

Another sign of an older system is when your blower often turns on and off or if it constantly blows cold air.

Have you had your furnace repaired? 

Have you repaired the furnace quite often in the last two years or expect to do so in the future. Furnaces are very similar to cars because parts will need to be fixed and repaired multiple times unless you get a new one. Furnace repair in San Jose costs nearly $500 to keep your old furnace running.

Are you comfortable with the temperature in your San Jose home? 

If you are constantly changing the thermostat settings to keep yourself comfortable or if you have thermostat conflicts with others in your home, it is time for you to think about heater replacement in San Jose. It also means that your furnace cannot distribute the air evenly throughout your home to keep you comfy at all times.

Is your furnace making an unusual noise? 

If your furnace is making uncommon noises, it is a warning sign that it needs a replacement. If you hear sounds like popping, banging, rattling, or if your furnace blower is running too fast, it is time to call a professional for a furnace replacement in San Jose.

Choosing a new furnace can be perplexing with so many options and features available, but the team at Malibu Heating and Air can help. Our team of furnace experts is specially-trained in the design and maintenance of cooling and heating systems and can benefit you find the right equipment for your home and your budget. 

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