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Signs That You Need an Urgent Air Conditioning Repair in San Jose

You need to schedule frequent air conditioning repair in San Jose to keep your air conditioning system efficient all year long. However, there are times when you might need to service your air conditioner before your next scheduled maintenance as your AC unit may break down suddenly even after maintaining it regularly. Here are some key signs that you may need an air conditioner repair service urgently. You can call an HVAC specialist to handle the problems. Doing so can solve the air conditioner’s problem before it turns into a bigger problem or pricey repair.

We have listed some common signs which indicate that your AC is in trouble. You should contact an HVAC expert as soon as you find anything wrong with your AC, even if that’s not listed. That way, you can get your AC repaired before your air conditioner stops working entirely, or any damage gets graver.

Below Are the Top 3 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Not Operating Correctly 

You Are Not Getting Enough Cool Air  

If your air conditioner is not providing sufficient cold air as it used to do earlier, it can be a sign that you may need an AC repair in Palo Alto, CA. If your air conditioner is not blowing cool air even at the maximum setting, it can indicate that the compressor is damaged. Not getting any cold air can also be a sign that the refrigerant level of the system is too low.

Limited Airflow 

If your air conditioner is not circulating cool air uniformly throughout the house or premises, you need to schedule an inspection. Several issues can lead to this problem, such as blocked air filters or blockage in the ductwork. Dirt and dust can accumulate in different parts of your air conditioner, and refrain cold air from circulating in every part of your home. If your AC compressor is failing, it can also reduce the airflow.

Bad Smells 

If you can experience bad and foul smell circulated throughout your house along with cold air, it is a sign that your air conditioner is facing some problems. The foul smell can be derived from dirt and dust accumulation or even due to the burning of any system components. You should turn off the system right away to prevent further damage. Trying to fix your air conditioner in such a case can go completely wrong, and your air conditioner may ultimately fail. If you are getting a burning smell from the air conditioner, it can be the sign of burnt wire insulation. But if you can smell musty order, it could mean that there is mold growth within the ductwork.

These are some of the many signs indicating that your air conditioner is in trouble and needs an air conditioning repair contact only Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. specializes in ducted and split systems for installation, repair, tune-up, and maintenance. We provide top-notch air conditioning repair services that will enhance the life of your AC unit. Contact our air conditioner specialist today and ask for a free quote.