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Is Your Home’s Heating System Ready For Winter?

The summer has bid its goodbyes, and the leaves have begun to lose colors. The fall is here, and so is the occasional chilly breeze. Thus, the time has come for you to switch over your HVAC systems to heat mode.

However, as a reputed contractor for heating repair San Jose, we recommend you to examine your heating systems before the switching procedure thoroughly. So, check the list we mentioned below to prepare your heating devices for the upcoming winter.

If nothing goes well, reach out to us. Before switching over your devices, ask yourself the following questions.

Is My Thermostat Working Well?

When you switch on the heating option, you raise your room temperature a couple of degrees higher. It will let a surge of sudden warm air in your room within a few minutes.

If, however, you feel no change or heat kicks, we suggest you do the following:

  • Check the wire connections; if they appear loose, don’t touch them.
  • If the connections are intact, check the main power to confirm if the system is on.
  • Lastly, if you notice any of these faults, you should call us for professional assistance. We warn you not to indulge in wiring as it could be dangerous.

Did I Change The Air Filter Recently?

Your air filter is either embedded in your HVAC systems or securely installed behind a grilled vent. We believe that filters soak up many dust and pollutants within years, and thus, must be replaced seasonally.

But if you possess air filters stamped as thermostatically permanent, you do not need to change them every year. Such air filters could be washed and cleaned on regular periods to ensure a prolonged working life.

Therefore, if you possess any filters, it is suggested you have them serviced before using them.

Is My Heat Exchanger Purely Clean?

Before using your heating HVAC system, we advise you to have it thoroughly cleaned. A clean and tidy appliance:

  • Functions Well
  • Emits Clean Air
  • Remains Durable

Thus, we recommend that you get your heat exchanger checked in by us before you put them to use. As professionals, our team has advanced cleaning procedures. We will ensure to carry out a systematic cleaning service that will:

  • Clear out every ounce of dirt from your heat exchanger
  • Check for crevices that might contribute to lethal gas leaks
  • Leave behind a spotless clean heat exchanger with enhanced heating capability

Is The Blower Lubricated?

Well, blowers are an essential aspect of winters. They give out heat and simultaneously prevent our windows from misting. As a device that hasn’t been functional for almost a year, the blower can wear.

Thus, as professionals, we suggest you contact us for instant lubrication processes. Quick lubrication will ensure a well-working blower with zero functioning issues.

If any of these questions answers a ‘no,’ contact Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We run a well-known HVAC service specialized in conducting heating replacement San Jose. You can reach out to us through online forms or by simply calling us at (408) 847-6533.