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How To Deal With A Broken Air Conditioner In Summer?

Tips to Deal with a Broken Air Conditioner in Summer

As the California summer is heating up, you will find the use of your air conditioner a necessity. Having an AC in your apartment is great, but along with the luxury, comes a major hassle if it breaks down abruptly. If your AC had a sudden breakdown and you are wondering what to do next, we got you covered with these simple tips.

1. Arrange A Repair:

When your AC had a sudden breakdown, you need to call for an air conditioning repair in San Jose. The means for hiring an AC repair service may depend on the specifics of where you live.

  • If You Live In An Apartment Complex: If you live in an apartment complex, an on-site team or an individual HVAC technician is likely to handle your maintenance. If your apartment has the rule of applying through a website portal or paying a visit to the main office while requesting an AC repair, do that on priority.
  • If You Rented From An Individual Landlord: Suppose you live in a home owned by a single landlord, you might need to follow a completely different route than what you will do in an apartment complex. If your landlord-tenant agreement covers the repairing of your broken AC, you may contact your landlord and the repair service will get scheduled on mutually agreed terms.

But if you find yourself needing to schedule a repair, Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. got your back. We offer the most cost-effective package for your AC repair in Gilroy, CA so that you don’t need to shop around for the best repair rates.

2. Keep Yourself Cool in The Meantime:

Whether you have called Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. or your landlord has contacted other HVAC technicians to fix the air conditioner, you might need to wait for some time before a technician reaches you.

You must take whatever steps possible to keep yourself cool and calm while dealing with the heat. Using ceiling fans, placing ice packs in places, or even savoring cold foods may help.

3. Avoid Warming Up Your House:

As soon as your air conditioner conks out, your house will start getting warmer. Using other heat-generating appliances may put you in worse condition. But you can take on a few easy steps to cool down your house when this happens.

  • Stop using any big appliance like oven or stovetop for cooking; switch to using a microwave instead.
  • Use natural lights, when possible, to avoid excessive heat generation.
  • Use curtains and blinds to stop the heat from coming inside your house and heating up.
  • Avoid excessive use of electric bulbs, and keep lights on only where needed.

Don’t Let Your Broken Air Conditioner Ruin the Summer Fun

Your home should be your heavenly sanctuary, a place where you are supremely comfortable. Dealing with a broken air conditioner may bring some sudden discomfort. Having repair done at the earliest is an easy method to deal with the broken AC. We are offering services like AC repair, installation, maintenance, and AC repair in Palo Alto, CA, since 1976. Call us at (408) 847-6533, and let us fix your broken air conditioner at the earliest with our experience and expertise to bring your summer comfort back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Do You Cool off When Your AC is not working?

Ans. If your AC is not working, you need to take all possible steps to cool off. Using ceiling fans, placing ice packs in places, keeping heat-generating appliances away, or even savoring cold foods may help.

Q. Is a Broken Air Conditioner An Emergency?

Ans. If you are dealing with a broken air conditioner in addition to the summer heat, it’s an emergency! You must call an HVAC technician to deal with your air conditioner and fix it the earliest.

Q. How Do I Know If My AC is Broken?

Ans. When your AC is broken, you will feel a sudden change in the temperature inside your home, as your AC will stop generating cold air.

Q. How Do You Survive When Your AC Conks Out?

Ans. When your AC conks out, and until an HVAC technician comes and fixes that, you need to rely on other methods like using a ceiling fan, allowing the cross ventilation of natural wind, placing ice packs strategically in places, etc.

Q. Can We Use AC When Water is Leaking?

Ans. Water leaking is not harmful to your health; thus, you can keep using your air conditioner, but if left ignored, the water can be harmful to the health of the walls. You need to call for an HVAC repair service as soon as possible.

Q. Why Is My AC Unit Leaking Water Inside?

Ans. If the condensate drain line has a clogging, it may lead to water leakage inside. You need to unclog the drain to stop the leakage.

Q. How Do You Clear an AC Drainpipe?

  • Turn off the AC.
  • Find the AC drain line.
  • Use a thin brush and push it through one end of the pipe to the other.
  • If it’s not cleared, use your wet/dry vacuum, and attach it to the end of the drain line and vacuum for a minute.
  • Locate the vent tee of your AC and remove the PVC cap.
  • Pour a mixture of bleach and water through the drain line. If it can make it all the way, your drain line is clear