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How Long Will My Air Conditioner Unit Last?

Many features can differentiate one AC brand from the other. But the working mechanism and the build of every air conditioner unit is majorly the same. And thus, every air conditioner, regardless of the brand, has almost the same life expectancy.

In general, all air conditioner manufacturing brands claim their air conditioners to run for 10 to 15 years. But since you live in Arizona, and your AC needs to deal with the relentless sun, you may be wondering how long your air conditioner unit will last and for the most reliable and long lasting AC repair in Gilroy, CA

Factors That Determine the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner Unit

There are three major factors that help you determine the life expectancy of your air conditioner:

  • Type of your AC
  • AC Sizing
  • System Maintenance

And here, we will discuss how these three factors impact the lifespan of an air conditioner unit.

Type of Your AC

The lifespan of your air conditioner depends upon the type of AC you choose to install and how you install it in your home. It is important to get your air conditioning installation in San Jose by professionals so that you do not face any issues with your AC unit.

A straight cool air conditioner can run efficiently for more than 15 years, and an AC with a heat pump can have a life expectancy of 14 years.

The reason is valid here! An air conditioner with a heat pump works for heating and cooling your home. And as this type of system needs to run for the entire year, they have a reduced lifespan than the straight cool air conditioners. Straight cool air conditioners are useful only during the summer months. And the straight cool ACs last longer as they can rest during the colder months, while the furnaces take over.

Sizing of Your Air Conditioner Unit

The sizes of air conditioners are measured in tons. And the size decides how effectively your air conditioner will cool down your home. Installing a bigger AC unit than the requirement inside your home makes the ambiance humid, and compels your air conditioner to work harder to keep the place cool and fresh. Get the best services for AC repair in Palo Alto, CA

On the other hand, undersized air conditioning systems fail to work adequately for your home. Also, it takes more than the expected time to cool down your home, and the system has to work for longer.

In both cases, your air conditioner needs to run more than it should, and this affects its lifespan.

System Maintenance

Regular system maintenance can enhance the lifespan of your AC. Many homeowners who maintain their air conditioner unit regularly and opt for professional AC maintenance at least once a year can use their AC for more than 15 years.

Here are some necessary AC maintenance measures you can perform at home:

  • Changing the air filters
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit

You need to schedule a professional tune-up, maintenance services, or AC repair at least once in a year to keep your system up to date and functional.

Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides top-notch services of air conditioning repair in San Jose. Whether your AC is facing some trouble, or you want to tune up your AC for better performance, we are just a call away!