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Explanation Of Common Furnace Noises

Furnaces make noise while operating, just like other machinery. These noises can be a dangerous indication telling you to contact a reputable HVAC company. Knowing what different furnace noises imply is essential, even if you only make a servicing appointment.

Types of noise a furnace makes.

  • Rattling sound

Rattling sounds coming from the furnace could be caused by any loose parts. If you don’t fix the problems, they’ll break and do more damage to the heating system. As a result, you ought to call a technician for furnace repair in San Jose.

  • Booming sound

Gas furnaces frequently cause booming noises, which is a problem. The buildup of dirt, dust, and debris in your burner is indicated if your furnace is making a booming noise.

Due to this dirt buildup, your furnace’s gas will take longer to ignite. Ignoring this problem could seriously endanger your furnace.

  • Hissing noise

Never disregard your furnace’s hissing noises. This type of noise can point to a problem with your air filter. Your heating system will hiss if there is an air filter obstruction or a ductwork leak.

Hissing noises can also be caused by refrigerant leaks or cracks in heat exchangers. Make sure to call an HVAC company for furnace repair in San Jose.

  • Clanging sound

When the fan belt of the blower motor slips out of place or becomes rusted, a clanging sound is heard. Schedule a furnace repair to replace the belt before it breaks and causes more severe issues.

However, any noise that lasts a long period has the potential to become a significant problem. Early intervention could prevent you from spending money on an unnecessary furnace replacement in San Jose.

  • Squeaking

A dry squealing sound is made when friction is created due to lubricant loss in belts and bearings. Motor bearings that are unclean or worn out could also be the cause.

The motor could burn out if the bearings are not changed. In such circumstances, calling a qualified specialist is the best action.

  • A clicking noise

Usually, when you switch on the furnace, you may hear some clicking noises. However, if this sound continues, it is a significant problem that the HVAC specialists must fix as soon as possible.

  • A buzzing noise

The furnace begins to buzz when you switch it on, which signifies that it needs to be repaired. This problem frequently results from issues with the furnace’s electrical system. Plan a short tune-up to avoid your furnace from breaking down without warning.

  • Banging sound as the furnace ignites

A loud blast indicates that the burner cannot burn the fuel. When the burner becomes hot enough, the fuel builds up and makes a hammering sound.

In the ducts, you might even hear popping sounds. It happens as a result of temperature variations making the ducts expand and shrink.


Your furnace can be kept in good working order with routine servicing, maintenance, and tune-up appointments.

Being vigilant aids in resolving the furnace problem as soon as possible. Contact Malibu Heating Air Conditioning at 408-847-6533 or leave an email for furnace repair in Palo Alto.