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Air Conditioners In Gilroy, CA

In California, an air conditioning system is an essential home appliance if it is summer. The high temperatures during the summer season soars high and leaves us drenched in sweat. At this point, AC efficiency becomes significant.

We advise you to opt for new AC systems in San Jose for your home. In the meantime, let us help you describe some common AC problems for better managing your system.

Some Common Air Conditioner Problems

  • Your AC is running on low refrigerants

Refrigerant is vital for an AC to cool down the temperature in your home. Due to constant usage, the refrigerant line may develop a leak, or it is almost at a low ebb. When this happens, your AC will not work at all. It is better to call for professional AC repair in San Jose.

  • Thermostat broke down

A thermostat is responsible for maintaining a specified temperature in your room and can break down due to battery or mishandling of the system.

The smart thermostat requires proper calibration for an AC to read your instructions through the remote. If you are using old AC and an old round-type thermostat, it is best that you install new AC systems in San Jose.

  • The air filter is not clean

For an AC to work efficiently, the air filter must remain clean. Otherwise, you will face problems like warm air, decreased airflow, poor-quality indoor air, etc.

Dirty air filters also make your air conditioning system work harder, so your AC may stop working entirely after a few days. To restore the efficiency of your AC, contact a professional AC repair service in San Jose.

  • Evaporator coils are frozen

If your AC blows warm air even though the refrigerant level is satisfactory, you may check your evaporator coils. These coils remain filled with refrigerants and are responsible for absorbing heat from the warm air.

These coils require warm air to operate efficiently. At this point, we want to contact a reliable AC repair in San Jose and get those coils fixed as soon as possible.

  • Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are part of the outdoor unit of your new AC system in San Jose and are responsible for blowing the warm air outside. This unit will not work the best if it is full of dirt debris.

In this situation, the condenser unit will have to work harder than its usual routine. That will impact the efficiency of your AC and drive a blow on the electricity bill. It is better to look after this problem with the help of a professional AC repair in San Jose.

Constant Comfort™ Deluxe Series

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Constant Comfort™ Series

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Performance Series

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  • SEER ratings up to 16, with coastal units available



It is advised to maintain your system regularly so that your investment proves worthy. If you are in California, you can stop being worried about the new AC system in San Jose because Malibu Heating Air Conditioning is here to help you.

Our round-the-clock support makes us the most affordable and reliable AC service company. Call us at (408) 847-6533 today and book your appointment with us.