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AC Maintenance Tips For A Swift Unit This Summer

Tips For A Swift Unit This Summer

ACs are one of the greatest inventions to mankind. Functioning endlessly throughout the year, they assume supreme importance during the summer season in the heat of California.

However, there is the rule of give and take in every relation of the world. Similarly, the homeowner has to provide the air conditioner with regular maintenance to get cool air in return.

Air conditioners work excessively in summers and can suffer from damages in the process. To avoid any kinds of interruptions or damages, it is essential to ensure that the unit has undergone AC repair in San Josebefore or during usage.

Tips for AC Maintenance

Just like preparing for a trip, you need to prepare your air conditioner for a smooth trip the whole summer. Here are some air conditioner maintenance tips to help you keep your AC unit fit and fine:

Free Space Near The Unit

The condenser needs space around it, to circulate the air smoothly. There should be a minimum of 2 feet of open space around all the sides of the unit. Even the distance of open space above the unit should be up to five feet, as branches and leaves can easily block the condenser unit. 

Set The Temperature Wisely

Keeping your thermostat set at an extremely low degree will not only make the cool air unbearable in the house but also it will spike your energy bills. It is advisable to set the thermostat at a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees.

Reduce The Pressure On Your Unit

Your air conditioner has to work with extra pressure and energy to cool your space when the devices or equipment near it produce heat. For example, devices like laptops, television, etc, create heat in space. Also, the sun entering the room through windows plays a role in heating your space. It is advisable to unplug devices when not in use otherwise you may need AC repair in Palo Alto, CA.

Decrease Humidity In Your Home

Spaces with low humidity can be easily cooled, relieving the air conditioner of extra effort or pressure. You can purchase a dehumidifier for your home that reduces humidity and helps the air conditioner work effectively.

Use Ceiling Fans To Assist Your AC

Invest in ceiling fans for your rooms so that the air circulates better and makes a warm room comfortable. Ceiling fans are affordable and help you reduce extreme usage of the air conditioner. 

Regular Maintenance Of The Unit

The best way to keep your AC unit working efficiently is through its strict maintenance. Scheduling an  at the beginning of the season can be highly beneficial for your AC unit and you.

Air conditioners work beautifully if they are kept in the right manner. Proper cleaning and fixing can help lengthen the life of your air conditioner. Malibu Heating & Air offers the best AC repair. 

Our team of skilled professionals are always ready to fix your HVAC problem and provide assistance. Get in touch with us today, for a flawless AC repair in Gilroy, CA before it’s too late.