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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing The Right AC Unit

The process of selecting an AC unit has become increasingly complex in recent times. This is primarily because homeowners looking to install an AC can choose from a variety of options but at the same time have several constraints to consider as well. We are leading providers of air conditioning installation in San Jose at the comfort of your home. 

For this reason, one can look to make the right decision by following these steps. 

Formulate a budget: 

By beginning this decision process by creating a budget, one will be able to get a better idea of what kind of unit is the most plausible. In addition to this, it can also help to reduce the chances of spending more than one is comfortable with. 

Depending on the budget, one can choose between the following options: 

  • Wall air conditioners: 

Wall air conditioners can range between the $400 to $700 price range and can cool a single room. A technician will install them just under the window, therefore, being a better option than window ACs. 

  • Window air conditioners: 

Window AC systems are very similar to that of wall ACs. This option is one of the cheapest with systems selling for $150 to $300. They work best when they are required to only cool one room at a time. 

  • Ductless air conditioners: 

The air conditioners are on the slightly less expensive side while still managing to cool a moderately sized space. The price range one will have to choose from is the average between $700 to $2500. 

  • Central air conditioners: 

These are one of the more expensive options with prices going up to even $3000. However, these ACs are a better option for homes that have several rooms that require cooling simultaneously. Another benefit of this AC is that one need not hire air conditioning repair in San Jose frequently if they conduct regular tune-ups. 

Determine physical space: 

The size of the AC that one has to invest in significantly depends on the size of the room. To find the right-sized AC, one would have to match the square feet of the room with the right BTU or British Thermal Unit which is displayed on an AC. Therefore, after finding the area of the room, determine the corresponding capacity required to cool it in the form of BTU. 

Create lists: 

At this juncture, a homeowner probably has a better idea of what unit they will be purchasing. However, for the individuals that are still indecisive, consider making a pros and cons list for each possible option. Answer certain questions like: 

  • Will the installation be affordable? 
  • What is the lifespan of each unit? 

In addition to this, consider factors like the noise level and the financial consequences of running the AC.  

Make decision: 

Upon creating the list of pros and cons and considering all the factors, a homeowner can finally make an informed decision and choose the right AC for their homes. 

Once a homeowner makes the decision, they can consider contacting Malibu Heating and Air for their quality installation services and AC repair in Gilroy, CA. To book an appointment, call (408) 847-6533 or send an email  to [email protected].