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6 Don’ts When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

Are you noticing warm air blowing from your air conditioner? Does your air conditioner fluctuate excessively, keeping your space hot as before? If your answer to any of these questions was yes, your air conditioner has broken down. 

Air conditioners are mechanical devices, consisting of parts like coils, compressors, and motors. All of these parts are constantly exposed to electric or fuel energy, making them prone to failures and damage. A minor failure in your unit if left unnoticed can lead to an air conditioner failure. Subsequently, it is advised to attend to the smallest change in your air conditioner and call for an AC repair in Palo Alto, CA

What should you avoid doing when your air conditioner breaks down? An air conditioner failure can be a confusing situation as you go through a lot of inconveniences and you do not know the system enough to fix it yourself. Here are 6 things you should refrain from when your air conditioner breaks down:

Do Not Overlook the Problem

Ignoring warm air coming out of your air conditioner can become a major problem. Even though your thermostat is set at cool, your air conditioner blows warm air when it fails. To avoid getting stuck in a bigger problem, where you might have to replace your system, ensure to call a technician and schedule an AC repair

Do Not “Do it Yourself”

Many homeowners try to fix their broken system by themselves, ending up magnifying the issue. You should not change anything or duct tape anything in your system unless you are changing filters. A technician will inspect your system on various levels, ensuring that your system is free from any faults. 

Do Not Keep Your Windows Open

Opened windows allow heat and sunlight to enter your already warm house. Ensure to keep all the windows closed and curtains drawn. If problem persists then get the best services for AC replacement in San Jose, CA

Do Not Operate Additional Appliances

Switching on other appliances like a stove, television, washing machine, etc, increases the heat around your house, making it difficult for you to survive without an air conditioner, till your technician arrives. Opening your refrigerator/freezer will not cool your space, it will exert pressure on your appliances to do the job of an air conditioner. 

Do Not Keep Your AC Running

One of the most important things to do after your air conditioner breaks down is shutting off your system. If there is a loose part or an electrical issue, it will only worsen your problem. 

Do Not Stay In

If the heat is getting unbearable, you should get out of the house and go to a friend’s house or any place with an air conditioner. It can be extremely uncomfortable if you stay in your house until your technician arrives to fix the system.

You must act quickly and wisely when your air conditioner blows warm air or shows signs of failure. Malibu Heating & Air is an HVAC company, offering professional air conditioner services. To schedule an AC repair in Gilroy, CA for a broken air conditioner, call us at (408) 847-6533 today!