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Why My Furnace is Not Responding to Thermostat?

For the majority of the year, furnaces in San Jose are obsolete. While there are instances when you will require heat, the environment dictates that you need cooling services rather than ensuring that your furnace is operational. Nonetheless, there will be a few months when the temperature lowers dramatically, just like anywhere else. 

What if you switch on your furnace and it won’t? The sense of impending doom begins to creep in. For the first time in months, it’s freezing outside, and you need heat! What could be the cause of your heater’s malfunction? 

Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Reacting to the Thermostat:

Thermostat Problem

When your furnace isn’t working, one of the first things to investigate is that your commands aren’t getting through to the machine, which could indicate an issue with the thermostat you’re using. Some devices require batteries to operate so that the problem could be as simple as a lack of electricity. 

On the other hands, its could be as dangerous as the entire thermostat malfunctioning and requiring replacement. It would be better to take professional help like furnace repair in San Jose. Many homes now have digital thermostats, with troubleshooting tips available on the manufacturer’s website.

Furthermore, you may not always set the thermostat correctly. It’s possible that you set up a program and then forget about it, which is why your heat isn’t coming on. Instead of off or cool, make sure your temperature is set appropriately and in the hot setting.

The Wrong Thermostat For the Wrong Furnace

You must also ensure that the thermostats you have is appropriate for the system you have for your furnace to work properly. You must use a thermostat compatible with your heating system in terms of capacity and capabilities. 

If you use the wrong thermostat for your system, you’ll probably have problems with communication between the thermostat and the system. The system may ultimately fail. Before purchasing a new thermostat, don’t forget to research and talk with professionals like furnace replacement San Jose.

Some Other Issues

If your thermostat is working correctly, but you’re still not getting any heat through the vents, you could be dealing with one of the following issues:

  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Clogged pipes
  • Full air filters
  • Broken wires
  • Burnt control board
  • Dead blower motors
  • No gas

Best Approach

The best approach to preserve the longevity and functionality of your furnace is to schedule routine maintenance with specialists such as heater installation in San JoseMalibu Heating and Air Conditioning recommend two tune-ups every year. One the spring and another before air conditioning season, and one in the fall, before the beginning of the heating season. 

Expert HVAC experts will inspect every aspect of your system during a furnace tune-up, ensuring that no part of your furnace is missed.

Our professionals recognize that each furnace is unique and requires special attention. Call us at (408) 847-6533 or drop us a mail at [email protected] to save money on furnace repair and service.