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What Does a Bad Furnace Sound Like?

Heating your home in the winter requires your furnace to work too hard. Winter weather can be a bit inconvenient. Fortunately, we have furnaces that will keep us warm and comfortable. However, if you hear any strange sounds coming from your furnace, you probably have a problem.

When furnaces run, they also produce noise. However, some noises indicate that the furnace is not in good working condition. These sounds can be extremely bothersome, even if they last only for a brief period. If you hear these sounds, you should contact one of the best HVAC companies for furnace repair in Palo Alto.

It is important to understand what different furnace sounds mean. Let’s have a look.

The strange noises that furnaces make

It is common for homeowners to hear a noise as soon as their furnace starts up. Noisy systems rarely cause problems because the primary reason for noticing it wasn’t there before. The normal noise a furnace makes during a heating cycle should not be disruptive inside your home. Despite this, some sounds are not normal and could be problematic.


When your furnace completes a cycle, but a loud sound reverberates through your home, this is a sign you should be concerned. Even though the burners have turned off, fuel may still be burning in the combustion chamber.

A loose part in your furnace will cause vibration. Having a part that is too loose can adversely affect other parts of your furnace. It can run into problems with the burners, pilot lights, or flame sensors. 


Unbalanced blower wheels and motors often cause bumping and thumping-like sound. You wouldn’t want to damage the blower wheel or motor in your furnace. It’s in your best interests to resolve the issue right away. Contact an HVAC company for furnace repair in San Jose.

Popping Noises

Your furnace’s air ducts may inflate if you hear a loud pop when it is operating. Your furnace may be making a popping sound because of a contaminated gas burner. There are also times when the old furnace will produce a popping sound due to the accumulated sediments.

Humming Sounds

During operation, most furnaces make a low humming noise. A louder noise indicates a severe blower fan or capacitor problem. Whenever you hear these sounds, don’t ignore them. You should seek professional help right away to prevent further damage.

Banging Sounds

If there is a delay in the ignition, a small gas explosion can cause your furnace to roar or bang. When your furnace’s gas burners fail to ignite on time, the combustion chamber can become full of gas. Having a certified technician for furnace replacement in San Jose, repairing the gas burners is the best solution.

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