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What Are the Most Common Furnace Problems?

Furnaces keep indoor temperatures comfortable and are considered the best air conditioning source as they use high-quality technology units to help survive in extreme temperatures. However, every electrical equipment or appliance can get damaged if not provided proper maintenance.

You may also need furnace repair San Jose when your furnace shows problems; however, you don’t need to worry because it is common to face furnace problems.

Why Is Your Furnace Causing Trouble?

It doesn’t matter what kind of furnace you have; you need to have a maintenance checklist at regular intervals to prevent problems. Often, the furnace’s thermostat stops working because it is off or because the coils and filters are clogged.

It stops the furnace from producing heat, and hence, not being able to regulate the indoor temperatures. Consequently, it leads to complete failure of the furnace system.

Our Professionals Can Resolve these Issues

If you are facing trouble with your furnace, it is best to seek professional help. We are the team of experts when it comes to heat pump repair in Gilroy, CA and we can help in repairing your furnace and maintaining it from time to time. They ensure to deal with all the faults and damage during servicing.

Maintaining the burner flames, oiling the furnace blower, checking the safety switch and pilot control, changing batteries as and when required, and resetting home circuit breakers are some of the solutions to resolve common furnace problems.

Most Common Furnace Problems

Following are the most common furnace problems that you can resolve with timely maintenance and repairs:

  • The thermostat isn’t heating properly
  • The furnace is not receiving sufficient power
  • Strange sound from the furnace
  • Wear and tear of the belt
  • Clogged pilot orifice
  • Furnace detects gases but not flames
  • Overheating of the heat exchanger
  • Dirty burners and filters
  • The furnace is not blowing any air
  • Leakages of water from the furnace
  • Keeps turning on and off automatically
  • Damaged ducts producing the popping sound

Tips Recommended by us to Deal with Furnace Problems

It is essential to seek advice from professionals in such situations to save your furnace from further damage. If you don’t want to settle with repairs, you can also go for furnace replacement San Jose. Our technicians make sure that you don’t have to suffer anymore. Here are some professional tips from our experts to maintain your furnace efficiently:

  • Check thermostat regularly
  • Change batteries once a year
  • Manually test the home circuit breaker
  • Clean the clogged air filters
  • Test the installation of safety switch if replaced
  • Keep the area around the furnace neat and clean
  • Ensure the unobstructed flow of air around the furnace
  • Oil the blowers once a year
  • Check the limit switch to produce heat
  • Replace air filters to deal with rapid cycling problems

We have all the repair and replacement solutions for your furnace at Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Since 1976; we have been providing professional services concerning not just furnace repair Palo Alto but all HVAC equipment. You can give us a call at (408) 847-6533 to get more information about our services and technicians.