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The furnace won’t start. Few common causes, and a quick fix.

Throughout the long winters, gas heaters are instrumental in heating your homes. This does not imply that they are not likely to break -down. Like any mechanical apparatus, they fail to heat our homes and require replacement/ repairs at some point in time.  The most common issue in the operation of air gas heaters is their insufficient heating, strange sound, poor quality of air, etc., despite repeatedly calling for repair, which creates a disturbing situation in your mind to choose the right solution.   When your gas heater does not work to provide comfort, please call (408) 847-6533 for furnace replacement in San Jose by Malibu Heating and Air conditioning Inc . Our furnace services are available at reasonable prices by the best licensed and certified without a doubt.
  • Leakage of Gas from furnace/gas heater.
  1. Since many furnaces, like oil furnaces, work by consuming oil that produces carbon monoxide, incomplete combustion in the broken heat exchanger, failure of the blower to draw, take in, and pull heat leads to overheating, which causes leakage of Carbon Monoxide and total collapse of the furnace.
  2.  A hissing sound from the furnace is a sign of a leak of lethal Carbon Monoxide from the furnace. In addition to it, Rotten Smell as an odor indicates the presence of sulfur and reveals mild leakage from the furnace.
  • Hazardous effects of gas leakage.
  1. Symptoms such as Irritation in ears, nose, and throat, dizziness, heavy head, Blood from the nose, changes in mood, and chest pain are life-threatening symptoms that can lead to death.
  2. Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc specializes in the best furnace maintenance, furnace repair, and furnace maintenance near you.

Inspect Your Gas Supply

  • Checking the gas Heater is another option to identify the cause behind the failure of the gas heater when It does not heat your surroundings. 
  • An interrupted supply of gas comes under a few factors that turn your gas heater out of service.
  • Checking the supply and gas flow is the quickest and earliest move to determine why your heater isn’t lighting to ensure it’s getting gas to it.

Replace or install new Carbon Monoxide detectors.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors are either battery-driven (battery-operated portable) detectors or Hard wired carbon monoxide detectors. Each detector has an advantage over the other.
  • Whenever there is a leakage of carbon monoxide because of incomplete combustion in the furnace, a portable and wired detector device measures the level of Carbon Monoxide in your surroundings.
  • It produces a sound beep in case of leakage of Carbon Monoxide and warns you in advance about excessive carbon monoxide around you.
  • Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is available in case of leakage with heater maintenance, heater installation, and heating repair in San Jose, at affordable prices by a team of technicians with their latest tools available at the scheduled time for technical services.

Clogged air channels and drain pipes of a furnace.

Advantages of cleaning your air channels.

  • Checking the airflow channels and cleaning them after inspecting the ignitor and blower of the furnace increases the smooth flow of hot air.
  • One more advantage of checking the working of your vents and registers no less than one -time per year is that it helps you determine whether you require furnace installation.
  • Cleaning your air venting devices after replacing the air filter also improves the air quality of your surroundings. Dirty air channels also account for inadequate heating in addition to defective and faulty components of the furnace.

Tips for cleaning your venting channels.

  • Homeowners with venting channels outside the home can regularly clear and remove leaves, branches, snow, and other solid particles deposited in the insides of vents.
  • Use smooth cleaning clothes handheld vacuum cleaner to clean and wipe your venting caps with the right tools, like a screwdriver, to remove them. Also, clear the air channels and drains.
  • In case of any complication in the furnace, like the smell from the furnace, A gas heater consumes a combination of air and normal or LP gas).
  • While cleaning your furnace vents, drains, and other registers, Malibu Heating and Cooling INC is a one-stop-shop available to provide excellent overall care for your furnace by skilled technicians at prices worth the services.
  • Our technicians can replace and install your heater’s air channels and consult whether you need to replace your standard air channel with a high-MERV channel, similar to a MERV 12 or higher.
  • We also provide coupon service for end-of-season furnace maintenance at $49 for residential, commercial, and multi-family buildings.

Improper functioning of the thermostat.

  • The thermostat of the furnace is the controller device to turn and adjusts the temperature of your surroundings from cooler temperature to warmer.
  • As a master indoor regulating device, the thermostat sets the temperature according to your setting. The metallic strips of the thermostat set the temperature for your command. As thermostats are more in use, they are likely to affect the effectivity of the furnace, producing sounds.
  • Common sounds like rattling sounds, clanking, and screeching sounds are the sounds that you will hear emitting from a furnace which implies some issue in the working of the furnace.
  • Solution – Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, with its technical support by licensed and certified technicians having practical experience, can identify the faulty part of the furnace, diagnose it and fix it and also consult for furnace repair or maintenance.
  • Purchase another thermostat that will work with your furnace. It should have a warranty to fulfill heating needs capabilities, for example, a Wi-fi thermostat, smart thermostat, etc.
  • We provide some of the best and most convenient repair services with other services such as furnace maintenance with rebates and discounts for our valuable new and current customers and their convenience.

Some of the common sounds that a furnace produces are-

  1. Boom sounds – The booming sound is produced when there is a buildup of dirt and other solid particles in the combustion chamber and burner.
  2. Shrieking sound – The shrieking sound emits from the furnace when the motor belt in the furnace deteriorates because of a lack of furnace maintenance, repair, and other factors for which Malibu Heating and Cooling INC provides the best furnace services at a fair and reasonable price.
  3. Whistling Sound – The whistling sound is a sign to replace your air filter.
  4. The popping, thumping sound from the furnace points to problems in the ductwork deposit of sediments on the burner.

In case you need furnace repair in Palo Alto by the authentic furnace service provider, please dial (408) 847-6533 for professional service by professional technicians, or visit our website,

1. Purchase another thermostat that will work with your furnace. It should have a warranty to fulfill heating needs capabilities, for example, a Wi-fi thermostat, smart thermostat, etc.

Inconvenience due to malfunctioning blower and igniter of the furnace.

The blower of the furnace

  • Your furnace has an engine called a draft engine or draft inducer engine, or blower. The blower of the furnace dissipates hot air into vents to direct warmth in every nook and corner of your surroundings.
  • Lack of maintenance service of the furnace and slow wearing and tearing furnace after 10-15 years is the cause of the faulty blower in the furnace.

Igniter of the furnace.

  • The ignitor of the furnace ignites heat from the burner over gas; they produce a spark in the ignitor or pass air through hot surfaces in the furnace.
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