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Summertime Is A Great Time To Turn On The Air Conditioner For A Variety Of Reasons

Summer can be both enjoyable and painful. On the one hand, you can spend countless hours in a pool, but on the other hand, the heat is annoying. However there is a solution when you’re at home, all you have to do is press a button to forget it’s summer. For a long time, air conditioners have made summers bearable. With professional air conditioning repair San Jose, AC units have become more affordable, increased energy-efficient, and more widely accessible.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Turn Off your Air Conditioner When You Leave Home this Summer:

  • Keep mold away: What’s worse than a stuffy house? A stuffy house with mold. In the summer, turning off the air conditioner all day is a simple way to draw both. The explanation for this is that when your air conditioner cools your house, it also dehumidifies it. On a hot summer day, the indoor humidity levels will rise to as high as 60% in less than sixty minutes when it is turned off. Mold thrives in this setting, so if the cycle is repeated daily, it could be harmful to your home.
  • Maintain a comfortable environment for yourself and your family: What a treat it will be to enter a warm, air-conditioned home. Unless you turn your air conditioner off for the whole day, you’ll likely return to a sticky, stuffy, and humid home that will take a long time to cool down.
  • Money is saved: When you raise the thermostat temperature, you reduce the temperature differential between the inside and outside. This reduces the workload of your air conditioner, saving you money on electricity.

Check to see if your AC Unit is in Good Working Condition:

Are you unsure how to repair an air conditioner before the summer heat sets in? Call in a professional! Spring season is the best time to perform routine device maintenance to ensure your system has a full refrigerant charge, clean coils, and all mechanical components are working properly. Ensure performance and reliability with specialist AC repair in Gilroy, CA to avoid high summer electric bills.

The heat would be no match for the efficiency and output of your home’s HVAC system once it has earned its summer-ready repair makeover. Call us and arrange a maintenance appointment today!

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The dry season is an excellent time to schedule an AC repair in Palo Alto, CA with Malibu Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. There’s no need to put off repairing your air conditioner until the summer when you’ll need it. All summer long, an air conditioner repair service will keep you comfortable. You’ll also benefit from a dependable, energy-efficient air conditioner. Call us today to get in contact with us!