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Scotts Valley, CA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Scotts Valley, CA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Malibu Heating and Air provides installations, service, and maintenance of all HVAC equipment for residential and commercial, as well as system design and custom sheet metal in Scotts Valley, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Heating And Air Conditioning Services.

All HVAC appliances, whether heating or cooling, require a fixed number of maintenance schedules each year to ensure their efficiency levels do not fall. Owners can determine this number based on factors like the age of their appliances and how they performed last year.

For example, if you own an old appliance, you should contact a technician for heating and air conditioning services in Scotts Valley, CA. It will ensure your old system does not face problems while working. Moreover, if your appliance is less than eight years old, one annual service should be enough to maintain efficiency.

Furnace Repair

All furnaces need one or more furnace repair jobs while working in the winter season. Furnace owners should contact their technicians in San Jose once they notice something is wrong with their furnaces. Contacting a technician timely for repair jobs has many benefits:

  • Timely repair jobs ensure the efficiency of your furnace does not fall.
  • They also guarantee that your system works for as many years as possible, giving you maximum benefits from your appliance.
  • Repair jobs remove issues like dirty air filters, blocked ducts, loud noises, and foul smells from the furnace.

Furnace Replacement Services.

Old furnaces have many problems and issues with them while working in your home. You should timely replace your system and contact a technician for furnace replacement in San Jose. Here are some of the problems caused by using old furnaces:

  • You may notice frequent hot and cold pockets in your home due to the poor efficiency of your old furnace.
  • An old furnace cannot maintain high indoor air quality levels in your home so you may notice frequent breathing problems and seasonal allergies.
  • One of the biggest problems with old furnaces is the risk of carbon monoxide leakage due to worn-out structures.

AC repair

Like furnaces, air conditioners may have trouble with certain problems in the summer. However, instead of calling a professional technician for AC repair services in San Jose, there are some issues that can be fixed yourself:

  • Dirty air filters.
  • Ice formation on the coils.
  • Blocked vents due to foreign objects.
  • Dust settlement on the body.
  • Obstructions near the outdoor unit.
  • Water leakages due to blockages in the drain pipe.


Malibu Heating & Air is there for all your HVAC needs. We are certain our professional technicians with years of experience, and using the latest tools will fix your problems with long-lasting solutions. Contact us to find out how our professionals can help you with any issue related to your furnace repair in Palo Alto or heater repair.

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